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The Doqument

“Thank you for being hip-hop” is what legendary US rapper KRS-One told The Doqument MC $ikeOne. An endorsement, a compliment and a statement central to the whole mantra of the group, The Doqument brings together four of Auckland’s prolific talents under the single banner of straight-up hip-hop.

Bringing together rappers $ikeOne, imaGe & Shaqles, the team have been turning heads for both their solo and group outputs. Between them they have performed alongside Bone Thugs n Harmony, KRS One and Mob Deep, jointly collaborated with bona fide rappers such as David Dallas and PNC and are currently building up to the release of their fourth, and boldest, record.

After getting together, The Doqument were quick to release their first self-titled single. It started getting some heat (“refined, layered production, seamless flows” – The Corner) and they started to get some traction. Working up to their debut album’s release and beyond, there has been no slowing down, with a continual succession of quality singles and videos ever since.

It’s this hustle and hard-work ethic that has set them apart from many rap groups, with The Doqument doubling as their own production team – producing and mastering their own music, alongside filming and editing their own music videos.

That creative control has given them an authenticity in their style and a quality in their projection that also caught the eye of a couple of local legends, with David Dallas featuring on their ‘Legacy’ single and PNC on ‘Avant Garde’. Both tracks featured on The Doqument’s sophomore album Blank Canvas: Wall & Piece – a record that also gained them a nomination for Best Urban / Hip-Hop Album at the 2015 New Zealand Music Awards.

The Doqument continued to deliver with the 2016 release of their follow-up LP 509. Blending classic hip-hop with up-to-the-minute trappings, the record was aptly described by  as “a collection of both timeless loops and progressive beats” that  “continues the groups development and cements them as one of New Zealand’s foremost crews.”

Now building towards the release of their fourth LP, The Doqument have been hinting at a deeper and more reflective album, which explores bigger and tougher themes. First single ‘Butterfly’, set for release on 31st March, is symbolic of this shift in gear.

“The song is about if you could speak with someone who has gone, if you had one more day with that person, what would you say? It also represents the idea that things never stay still, and you never know when things are going to change.” – imaGe.

Bringing together the profound and the progressive, an impressive list of achievements and an impending forward-thinking album, The Doqument are set to return in 2017 with something to say – promising to showcase another side to their acclaimed output.

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