Levi Patel: Affinity Album Out Today!

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With two solo EPs already released to glowing reception, musician/composer Levi Patel returns with his debut full-length album Affinity, out today on Marigold Music.

Celebrating with a free performance at the Auckland Art Gallery tomorrow [8 April] from 3PM, Levi will play songs from his upcoming album live for the first time, accompanied by Gala Morris (bass, vocals), Corban Koschak (guitar, vocals) and Chris Park (cello, keys).

Crafting musical pieces that delicately reflect an emotional intensity that is both gentle and captivating, Levi explores rich textures, climatic soundscapes and intimate piano solos in his work. It’s also an album that captures both Levi’s depth and craft, with the artist working to create a cohesive collection of moving songs.

“I wanted Affinity to be a transportive experience in which each piece of music works as a combined force. Sequentially building in depth and feeling, each track beautifully complements the others, beginning lightly and then delving into darkness.”

The release coincides with new single ‘Empty Calls Quiet’, also available for streaming and purchase from today.  It’s a track that was last to be penned for the album, and a track that has become one of its most special.

“I felt that the album needed one more piece to tie it all together and this just flowed out in one evening, it came much easier than most of my writing. It’s one of the most special pieces to me because of that.”

‘Empty Calls Quiet’ follows the release of debut single ‘Since Last Letters’ – a delicate piece that also serves as the music for the heart-breaking, mini-documentary ‘Last Letters’ which commemorates the victims of the 2014 MV Sewol Ferry in South Korea, available to watch here.

Affinity is available for purchase and streaming across all digital stores now, with limited edition CDs available at his performances and tapes via Prison Tapes.

See Levi Perform live at the following location:
Affinity Album Release – Free Performance at the Auckland Art Gallery
3PM, Saturday 8th April