Introducing Kurisú: ‘Hospital Walls’ Out Today 

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An artist that weaves unspoken realities into beautifully dark electronic tracks, Kurisú’s debut single ‘Hospital Walls’ is a refreshing release and apt introduction to one of Auckland’s brightest newest talents.

Available digitally from today through Black Lotus, ‘Hospital Walls’ is a stunning track in both sound and sincerity – effortlessly lacing down-to-earth lyrics and entrancing vocals over distinctive beats.

“Hospital Walls is about an everyday struggle of feeling like you are crazy. It’s about having trust in yourself to beat those internal battles, as well as having trust in others…because what does it even mean to be normal? Aren’t we all a little crazy?”

Conscious in her craft and killing it with her tracks, the song is also indicative of Kurisú’s desire to break taboos and generate dialogue with her music.

“My music is about the darkness that we typically don’t like to talk about. The truth is we all face difficult times and if we could be honest about it, the better the chances of us overcoming our demons.”

‘Hospital Walls’ is the first in a run of 2017 releases for this exciting up-and-coming act and is available for purchase and streaming across all digital platforms now.