Cain Tattoo Studio Opening

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Cain Tattoo Studio has now officially opened its doors, bringing a new service to the Avondale area.

Founded by The Daylight Robbery’s Chris Amosa, the official band for leading hip-hop artist David Dallas, the keys player has also worked in the tattoo profession for 8-years.

The reputable studio signifies the artist’s support for the local community and brave new step into business ownership.

“This time last year, my brother and I decided we wanted to give this business a shot. As an Avondale local for the last 13 years, I wanted to bring something new to the local community. It’s very exciting to finally be opening the doors,” he said.

The tattoo studio was named after the biblical story about the Mark of Cain – considered by many to be the first tattoo – with the theme reflected in the studio’s thoughtful aesthetic.

The Avondale Business Association also welcomes the studio to the area, with the diversification of local services considered an asset to the region.

“We are thrilled and happy, finally something different…their body art is great and done by a professional, so visit Cain Tattoo Studios now for a consultation.”

Cain Tattoo Studio is located at 1847 Great North Road. For bookings, call 09-828 1237 or email Visit them online at